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Online Business Successes

Top 3 Online Business Successes:

How to start a business online when starting an online business anyone from newbie to a season online entrepreneur can benefit from a process that has been used over and over to create successful online businesses.

These are the key foundation questions of online business success that you need to answer in order to move ahead …

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • How

These are the building blocks of online business success any single business in the world. Regardless to create a six-figure business and a seven-figure business etc. These principles apply to everything in business. For example the groundwork you think about a house. You have to build a foundation first and you put the roof. You can’t do it opposite, can you? No…

Now I am going to describe is WHO

First of all is who you are talking to, that is the most important thing in any single business in the world who you are talking to, What’s your going to graphics and who is your custom avatar.

What does this mean Custom Avatar?

It means finding out singular and individual who you are talking to.

For example let’s say roughly 20 years spent so male’s age between 20 to 40 what are their top 5 problems, what are their top 5 likes, what are their buying habits, what are their spending habits, where they live, where they hang out online, what are their social media habits etc. Then we start cutting a down and narrowing it until we have a solid single individual.

Let’s say Mike is a male between the ages of 28 to 32. His main problem is struggling to grow his business past quarter million dollars a year.

He invested roughly $5000 to $1000 of his online business success a year and self-development courses.

This is important of online business success the more specific you are with your custom avatar the more giant mind power you have, because in their mind think about that you know exactly how they are thinking, think how much easier your marketing is going to be, so that is the first step you really understand who you are talking to.

Of course, it is going to take time; this is not an overnight thing figuring out your custom avatar.

It is going to take you a lot of works and dedication, but in the end, it’s worth it.

1. WHO:

The second part is who are you? For example, we have health coaches, life coaches, business coaches, financial coaches etc. But each of those different categories so many different sub-levels and micro niches.

SO this is really important of online business success that you figure out what type of micro niche you want to dominate the field in the health or maybe a sports coach specifically Olympic athletes.

If you are in the business world though maybe you are dealing with e-commerce source of your online business success.

You really have to narrow down who you are speaking; your product and your service can apply to everybody.

So figure out where in the micro niche you dominate of your online business success.

2. What:

What are you talking about, now who you are talking to and what are you talking about, I highly suggest you figure out at least 20-30 problems of your ideal client and solve them.

If you really want to figure out real and deep problems, go into forums. Remember because your research from the first part finding out a demographics and you now know where your ideal client hangs out online.

So go in those forums such as warrior and yahoo answer etc. Figure out what their problems are based on how they communicate and solve those problems.

We will use later on in a marketing to make content, articles, podcasts, YouTube and Pinterest etc.

We are going to deep in the human mental psyche of your custom avatar.

3. Where:

If you are looking at this is super Mario analogy, super Mario eats all flower to become super Mario something like tiny to big that’s your job to take your client from a tiny little Mario to Super Mario.

You have to show them where you are taking from your content like articles, podcasts and YouTube videos etc.

Those are the flowers make your clients a Super Mario.

“People don’t buy features, people buy emotions and feelings”.

So if you can show your potential client where you want to take them by consuming your content that’s very powerful for your online business success.

When you are marketing each article that you have, each podcast you have etc.

Show your potential client where you are taking them from a tiny Mario to a Super Mario.