2 Most Common And Easiest Ways To Make Money Online

ways to make money online

easiest ways to make money online:

  1. How:

This is the final part of online business success how did you get there so go back to Mr. normal Mario. He’s sad and crying. He is reading your article in your article is talking about the “Where” where you can take them. Then eventually you can become super strong like super Mario.

Once they read the Where articles and podcasts etc how did you get there this is your service and product comes in, your e-book can get them there $7 e-book.

And you talk about a business course and information, Guess what master business course you lay down everything your fundamentals, your secrets you took 20 years of being an entrepreneur and you can then say within 20 hours that’s what they get there so that is something like the iceberg and they get neighbour of the iceberg. This is really important of online business success to set the right frame you can’t do the “How” before the “where”. That’s why this is really important the What, Where, How.

All in the right singular order, you can’t mix and match them it doesn’t work that way because it goes back to a metal frame so that’s the How.

Here are some businesses that you can start without investment.


  1. Online Aspects

When it comes to online marketing, how to create a structure of your website, how to create traffic and, how to do the email marketing on the back end.

It’s not super complicated; the first part was the most important understanding the basic philosophy and analogy of the business.

I am going to break down this into 4 different pillars

  • Traffic
  • Home
  • Conversion
  • Sale

These are the four pillars of any online business success e-commerce and coaching packages etc. You can use these four principles for multiple businesses online.

So let’s start with the home pillar first. If someone goes to your website it looks cheesy I’m not talking about spending a lot of money on the website.

I’m just saying basic common sense there is a lot of themes you can buy for 50 bucks.

So when you are looking at any website as you know a majority of people use these days mobile, personal online businesses 70% mobile.

If you go to a website, for example, you are selling for fashion I got to know right away if this fashion is for me there are two ways you can use U.S.P either through imagery or text.

You have a responsibility to put 30% U.S.P at top of your website.

I am not going to be more complicated so that’s the home site of your online business success.



You have to worry about your traffic where you are getting traffic.

We’ve got a couple of options FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube etc. You don’t need to concentrate all of those but you need to utilize all of those.

You need to concentrate much where are your audience, avatars, and ideal clients.

Facebook and YouTube is the number one social marketing channel. So take your time to identify where your targeted audience is.

And it’s not about more traffic it’s about qualified traffic for example 1000 people a day to your website or 10 super hot leads to your website.

There are a different a 1000 untargeted leads and a10 super hot leads you want 10 super hot leads any single day.



You have to give your potential client a million chances to opt-in. So if you do it right in general speaking you should see a 10% sitewide conversions.

You can use email collector Aweber, Active campaign and Getresponse etc.



It seems very simple, but a lot of people never ask for the sale. This is really hard to believe, but it’s true.

You have to ask your potential client to buy your product after you introduce yourself to them.

Tell them by an email how your product can work for them. Give them all the information about your product in the first 3 emails and then in the 4 email, you need to ask them to buy your product.